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This 10-page educational Smart Currency Guide outlines:

  • A Case Study: When Property Buyer, Mr Reed, Purchased an Overseas Property, he Made Three Mistakes that Cost Him £10,256...learn how you can avoid them...

  • How the Banks make HUGE profits from their long-standing and unsuspecting customers

  • Ways to safeguard yourself against adverse fluctuations in exchange rates (or, in other words, helping you to keep your money in your pocket)

  • The entire process of moving money from the UK to any overseas location, so that you're armed with all the knowledge you need to make intelligent decisions about your money

  • How you can ultimately save £100’s and £1000’s so that you have ample money to buy furniture and white goods…

  • Examples of people that lost money due to foreign currency strengthening against the pound, so that you learn from other peoples mistakes rather than your own!

And just a couple remarks about this report from readers...

"We have found your free report to be extremely helpful... Wendy Watson"

"I have read and absorbed the information in the stories outlining the mistakes which the uninitiated can make when transferring currency. It is very illuminating and essential that anyone,like myself, who is in the process of buying an overseas property should be aware of. I would go so far as to say that every agent selling overseas properties should be compelled to advise their prospective purchasers that it is paramount that they use a currency expert such as yourselves. Regards, Eric Thomas"

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